Autside Outdoor Products –– client of Trailside Creative.

Structural Integrity

Outside block stacking game –– designed by Trailside Creative.

Design Objectives

Design a Giant Jenga lawn game set that elevates the user’s playing experience and fits Autside’s design language, lifestyle, and attention to craftsmanship.

Design Research

First, we learned about Autside as a company and what their goals for the project were. Then, we started researching Giant Jenga, how people play, game regulations, competing products on the market, and problems users experience while playing.


We began sketching different concepts that would fit with the Autside product line as well as address problems with carrying and game setup time.

Design Concept

We finalized the details of the final concept in CAD in order for us to make a fully functional prototype.


Using our in-house workshop and other local fabrication services, we were able to bring the final concept from a CAD model to a fully functional prototype ready for user testing.


The Autside Structural Integrity yard game is a fun-filled Giant Jenga set that innovates the yard game space with an easy-to-carry and setup design and elevated aesthetic appeal.

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