Who We Are

We’re a team of outdoor enthusiasts. We share our love for the outdoors through innovative and intuitive product design.

Our Mission

Our product design inspires and motivates people to live active and healthy lifestyles.


We believe that our best ideas come from the trailside. By pursuing our outdoor passions, we keep authentic user experiences at the forefront of every design.

Our Story

Kyle Ellison is the founder and lead designer at Trailside Creative. The roots of his passion for design trace back to his childhood when he fell in love with the natural world while hiking in California along the coastal mountains of Santa Cruz and high above the tree line in the Sierra Nevadas. 

In 2012, Kyle launched Trailside Creative with the explicit goal of sharing his love for the outdoors with others through sustainable product design. He and his team still find that the most inspiring, innovative, and compelling designs come from time spent outside, and the best way to make the world a better place is to make the outdoors experience more accessible to all. 

We believe that relationships are the gateways to new opportunities, innovative ideas, and successful product launches.

Meet our product design team

Kyle Ellison

Principal & Founder

Rob Strickler

Sr. Industrial Designer

Myrna Lewis

Industrial Designer

Seth Israel

Industrial Designer

Michelle French

Senior Apparel Designer & Product Developer

Garrett Kettler

Business Development Lead

Andy Jones

Sr. Graphic Designer

Rachel Benyola

Startup Support Team

Shawn McVey

Startup Support & Strategic Advisor

Jaimi Jansen

Startup Support Team

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