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Our Approach

We focus on the user experience while maintaining the vision for your product.

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Research | Insight | Strategy

The first step to our process understanding our clients and the problem that need to be solved. We engage in in-depth research to evaluate the competitive market and define areas of opportunity for innovation. We believe in experiencing in the activities we are designing around, to better our understanding of the problems, to help produce more insightful solutions.

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Exploration | Ideation | Collaboration

At this stage, we allow our creativity to push boundaries, exploring many ideas and directions. We communicate with our clients throughout this process to insure alignment with their vision, while providing guidance using our experience.

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Testing | Experimenting | Rapid Prototyping

Our goal is to get our ideas off the paper and into people’s hands as quickly as possible. We use sketch models and rapid prototyping to evaluate and test the feasibility and functionality of concepts to help determine the best solution.

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CAD Modeling | Rendering | Prototyping

After selecting a final concept, we refine everything about it to bring concept to reality. Ergonomics, aesthetics, manufacturability, cost and any other requirements are dialed.

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Manufacturing | Sourcing | Packaging

Final steps are taken on the design to ensure suitability for manufacturing. Final material and cosmetic specifications and tech packs are released to the factory so they can turn the vision into reality. We help connect you with trusted vendors and manufacturers, and make sure your product gets into the hands of your customers.

Trailside Creative - Outdoor Product Design Camping


Marketing | Distribution | Sales

We create assets for everyone involved in the product development process. Whether you need images for a Sales or Marketing presentation before you actually have product in hand, appearance models to show to a VP, or prototypes to put in the hands of testers, we can help.


We combine old school Industrial Design with today’s best practices in User Centered Design, Consumer Experience, and Design Thinking. We’ll analyze your needs, research who’s playing in your space, look at where you have an advantage, and refine a concept into a beautiful, functional solution that your customers will love.

Are you stretched thin and in need of reinforcements? Our broad range of corporate and consultancy experience let’s us jump in the deep end and quickly help push your project forward. Whether you need new eyes on a problem, more product concepts, someone to build CAD models, or manage prototypes, we can help.

Take your idea and explore how to turn it into something real. We can help explore how it’s useful, what it’s market may be, and how to turn it into a real product.
We’ll take your concept, flesh it out to whatever degree is necessary, and create beautiful presentation imagery.
We’ll take you from concept to a physical representation of your product. Whether you need a mechanical mockup to test functionality, an appearance model to see exactly what a product will look and feel like, or a quick 3D print to get a handle on the scale of something, we can get it into CAD and get something real in your hands.
If you already have design collateral, and you need help taking your product across the finish line, our decades of experience bringing products to market can help you reach your goal.
We’re here to help with business growth strategies when you’re ready to flesh out a new product line, build out next years product roadmap, target new markets, or introduce new technology platforms.

We have connections in Branding, Marketing, Sales, and Distribution that we can leverage to help take care of your needs.

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