Seth Israel

Industrial Designer

Seth is an eager Industrial Designer, recent graduate and new resident of Texas that’s come to appreciate unfamiliar situations whatever the context might be! Whether it’s exploring a new trail with his dog or adjusting to a new modeling software, or even just finding a new birria taco truck – making new discoveries, applying learned lessons and stumbling into those “Ah-Ha!” moments are his greatest treasures.

As a Designer with Trailside Creative he’s keen to experience these profound realizations on a daily basis. Following the extensive Industrial Design program with the University of Kansas, Seth began an internship with Milwaukee Tool where he collaborated with massive talent within their design, engineering, prototyping, and marketing teams. He shifted from the tools sector to the outdoor industry with a vast network of resources, expert insights, and heightened awareness of design processes under his belt. Moving forward, it’s his objective to propose sustainable alternatives and integrate meaningful solutions with clients that envision a better future.

Working in the outdoor products sector and designing for active lifestyles with such an incredible team is an exciting journey that he’s very proud to be a part of.

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