Shawn McVey

Startup Support & Strategic Advisor

Shawn McVey is an advisor, wilderness athlete, and product /brand builder. His approach is based on people and industry connections, both on the operative and athlete sides of the outdoor industry. With a degree in Business Management and as a strategic advisor Shawn provides insight to company founders, operations, and creatives. Shawn’s approach reviews capital investments, ROE in product, and evaluates long-term customer growth through product design, ambassador roles, and content strategy. Specializing in operations, product, ambassador content, and scalability, Shawn brings a unique position to companies as a brand stakeholder. He and his teams are constantly field testing and can provide feedback on what works and what does not meet expectations in the field. Shawn delivers vital insight on product development and design while bringing in teams to prototype, implement, and drive design in a variety of outdoor verticals. Land, sea, water, mountain, jungle.

With years of experience in the industry, as a brand builder, taking an athlete-first approach. He has a passion for family, sustainability, and developing the outdoors industry for American business. As an advisor, he brings a wealth of real-world knowledge and practical experience to all product development and business decisions. Shawn’s friends and community continue to push the narrative of what’s possible in the world of outdoor adventure. When he’s not in the office or planning his next expedition, Shawn enjoys spending time with his wife and two kids.

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